Important goals of preschool programs are to help children acquire social skills and giving them the tools they need before school entry.


the preschool program at Tui Art.

In preschool, we implement the Reggio Emilia method – the teacher focuses on your child’s interests and then expands on these interests through open-ended questions and planned/spontaneous activities. In addition to children’s interests, we also support our 3-5-year-olds in practising literacy and numeracy skills using the STEAM approach (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math as entry points for guided inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking). Prepare them for primary school with a short morning study session.


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Follow children’s interests:

Children are active protagonists in their growing processes. Like every human being, every child is the constructor of knowledge, competence, and autonomy. At Tui Art, every child will have an individual plan combining their interests and their parents’ aspiration. Children’s growth and learning will be documented, assessed and shared through an online platform and paper portfolio.


Our pre-school program includes:

Tui Art curriculum includes: