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We begin with short separation times, as children need to have faith that their caregiver will return. This builds trust and mutual understanding. Once these brief periods become the norm, we extend the separation length. A home comforter often helps, like a blanket, toy or teddy bear. It’s normal for a child to cry during their initial state at daycare centres. Please remember that it’s a natural, healthy response to the love you’ve given them.

Of course, we will care for your baby according to your habits, tradition, and needs, as consistency between the daycare centre and home is crucial. Talk to your child’s teacher or centre manager about your requirements. We’ll make sure your and your baby’s needs are met.

We provide three daily meals – morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. If your child needs breakfast in the classroom, please bring it from home, and we will provide them with cow’s milk. Other kinds of milk, like soy milk, need to be provided by the parents. For children whose parents pick them up late, we offer a light snack at 5 pm. Children are encouraged to dine with their peers. Therefore, the snacks from home will be placed in the children’s bags and can be enjoyed on their way home.

Our first aid-certified teachers will deal with any illness and injury. We will give you a courtesy call when your child is unwell. According to our medication policy, if your child’s body temperature is above 38.5 degrees Celsius or has infectious diseases such as vomiting and diarrhoea, you must take them to a doctor or let them rest at home. You will also be called if your child has an injury above the shoulder. More information is available in our Health and Safety Policy, and you are welcome to ask the center Manager.

Parents can access information instantly about their child(ren)’s classroom activities, schedule, and plans through the StoryPark Portal, which also provides access to family contact information and is where parents can update emergency contacts or the list of individuals allowed to pick up their child(ren). In addition to class-specific information, all centre events, notices, and photos are live on the secure StoryPark Parent Portal. Parents can also access our Facebook Group to see the activities of all classrooms.

Generally, you need to bring 2-3 clean clothes for your child daily, including underwear and socks. For babies, 2-3 bottles, a sippy bottle, and 1-2 pacifiers (if needed) are ideal. For hygiene reasons, all baby items need to be taken home and washed daily. For toddlers doing toilet training,  4-5 underwear or a few toilet training undies are needed. A beanie in winter and a sunhat in summer is required. All children’s clothes, socks, shoes, hats, bottles, bags, etc., need to be labelled with their names.