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Tui Art Early Learning Center

believe that the best way

to promote the holistic development of young children is to develop their multidisciplinary thinking through free and structured play and planned education in a beautiful and engaging learning environment.


unique learning environment

inspires artistry and focuses on combining traditional and modern pedagogies to support the learning and growth of each child.

Language Arts

Math and Geometry

The arts

Physical health and wellbeing

We work hard

every day to empower your child.

Research-based curriculum and personal learning experiences are integral to all courses at Tui Art. Our teachers are dedicated and helpful, which means their only goal is to help your child reach their milestones and learn happily.

Tui Art offers a pathway to primary schools that can be personalised to each child’s needs.

Feedback from parents

14 Jun 2024
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We appreciate Tui Art ELC being so kind, flexible, approachable, and warmly welcoming, with smiling faces and endless support. Thank you so much for being a great influence in my son’s learning journey; he has greatly improved in every way in the last year. We appreciate you so much. You all rock! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
27 Jun 2024
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I want to express my gratitude to the team at Tui Art. Since my kids started, I have seen their attitudes change and their excitement about going to school in the morning. Thanks to all the teachers and team at Tui Art for keeping my boys safe and happy and helping them grow into wonderful little boys.
9 July 2024
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My daughter has learned millions and millions at Tui Art ELC. I was impressed by how well she knows about exercises, sings, the alphabet, counting, and…… lots.