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the babies care program at Tui Art.

At Tui Art, we apply the Pikler approach and RIE philosophy in our daily practice. We provide a safe, challenging, predictable environment in which the child can best do all the things that the child would do naturally. We not only respect babies, but we also demonstrate our respect every time we interact with them. Our method, guided by respect for the infant’s competence, is observation. We observe the infant’s communications and needs and respond to them sensitively. Babies are allowed time and space to develop their physical capabilities, experiment and overcome difficulties.

Provide a comfortable and safe environment for babies.

We have a clean, and comfortable baby’s sleeping room. White noise/sleep music is played during bedtime, and cuddly toys are also provided to ensure your child feels safe and relaxed while they sleep. The sleeping room is checked every 5-10 minutes for safety reasons. The teachers will place your baby to sleep according to your habits at home to ensure the consistency of sleep habits.

Cute little baby boy, playing with abacus at home, sunny kids room
funny kids group eating in kindergarten

Healthy and nutritious food for babies.

At Tui Art, we have a caring chef who makes fresh and healthy food for our children daily. For babies, we provide age-appropriate food, like fruit/vegetable puree or finger food, to ensure the nutritional needs of the children’s physical development.

More about our babies’ care.

The Ministry of Education requires 1 teacher for every 5 children at the baby & toddler stages. At Tui Art, we prefer a higher teacher-to-child ratio to ensure a high standard of care.

We strive to make Tui Art a “home away from home” for your baby. That’s why we like to adapt as much as possible to your cultural preferences, such as food, habits, language, etc. What things are important to you are essential to us.

We use a variety of ways to communicate with you so that you know what is happening with your child during the day. The daily diary will be displayed in the classroom for you to access each afternoon, and numerous photos and videos will be uploaded to your Storypark account. You are also welcome to speak face-to-face with the teachers.

Six-month baby girl on her stomach with teether in the mouth