Exciting Numeracy Adventures at Tui Art Centre!

🌟 Here at Tui Art Centre, we love making learning fun and exciting for all our tamariki! Our little explorers have been diving into the world of numbers lately, and we couldn’t be prouder of their progress! 📚✨ From counting and recognising numbers to hands-on activities with blocks and games, our kids pick up essential numeracy skills creatively and interactively. These activities build their math foundations and boost their confidence and love for learning. 🧮💡 We’re all about creating a

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Little Writers in Action at Tui Art Early Learning Centre!

Check out our future authors, busy mastering their pre-writing skills! Who knew learning letters could be this fun? Our little champs are turning letters, shapes, and sounds into an exciting adventure, one squiggly line at a time. Armed with colourful markers and heaps of enthusiasm, these budding writers are discovering the joy of putting pen to paper. Our dedicated educators are there every step of the way, providing high-fives and cheers to make sure everyone feels like a star. Thank

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Get Ready for Primary School!-with Tui Art’s Transition to School Program

As children grow and develop, the transition to primary school can be an exciting but also challenging time. At Tui Art, we understand the importance of preparing children for this next milestone in their educational journey. That’s why we offer a specialised Transition to School Program that builds essential self-help skills, fosters a love for learning, and provides engaging activities that prepare children for their next educational journey. One of the key aspects of our Transition to School Program is

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Explore Phonetic Alphabets — Joyful Learning at Tui Art!

Welcome to our blog! Experience the excitement as preschool teacher Robbie introduces our little ones to phonetic alphabets. Watch as children eagerly share words related to their phonetic alphabet learning. The Power of Phonetic Alphabets: Phonetic alphabets build language skills, associating sounds with symbols for reading and writing. Meet Robbie, Our Enthusiastic Teacher: Robbie’s interactive teaching style sparks our pre-schoolers curiosity and love for learning. Excitement in the Classroom: Anticipation fills the air as Robbie unveils surprises, inspiring children to

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